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Our services:

  • com uses the Website as online job portal where one can find many relevant options under various successful companies and organizations.
  • When you respond to the recruiters, you are actually sharing your personal details with them directly. Any details used by you will be visible by recruiters which forms contract or arrangement between you two.
  • Our services will be available only after you complete your registration section. After you have completed this section, you will have your own account which can be edited anytime anywhere.
  • This job portal is entirely used for personal and non-commercial uses. Any part of the website can be copied and printed as per need.
  • Main motive of Sajilojob.com is to provide ease to clients for posting and reacting to job postings. So this non commercial website is entirely formed to create pathway to job seekers and job owners.
  • Anyone can gain access to the website but authority terms and conditions should be breached by any means.