Hulas Steel Industries Limited
1 - 2 years Kamaladi, Kathmandu, Nepal 614

Hulas Steel believes in creating sustainable growth while balancing utilization of natural resources and social development in its business decisions. It also believes in pursuing its business objectives ethically, transparently and with accountability to its stakeholders across the value chain. Hulas is committed to promote integrated responsible behavior and value for social and environmental well-being.

Hulas commitment to do business responsibly is built into the core values of the Company to conduct every aspect of business responsibly and sustainably.

It relies on:

  • A dynamic leadership
  • Adherences to core values
  • A well-articulated Enterprise Risk Management framework.
  • Practices that seek to sustain and enhance the long term competitive advantage of Hulas  with care for the society and environment.
Position : Supervisor
Job Responsibilities :  overseercontrollersuperintendentsuperior.
Office Time : Full time
Gender : Male
Age Limit :  Above 20
Qualifications : Civil Overseer
Training : Computer Training
Experience : 1 years of experience.
Language Known : English, Nepali, Hindi
Work Locations : Simara
Job Type : Full Time
Salary Offered : Negotiable
Extra Bonus/Services : As per company rule
About Physical Appearance Smart, Good Looking


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Hulas Steel Industries Limited

Kamaladi ,Kathmandu, Nepal